The Hidden Mystery Behind The Best Travel Backpack

Backpack sizes are typically expressed in liters (i.e., the volume they can contain). You’ll notice that travel packs sometimes have this number in their product name. Thinking in liters might not be totally intuitive, so here are my 2 cents on some of the common sizes:

There are a ton of fabrics and materials out there, too. When looking at fabrics, you’ll often see a number followed by a D—250D, 950D, 1500D, etc. The D stands for denier, a term used to measure the thickness and weight of a fabric—specifically the yarn. The formal definition is the mass (in grams) per 9,000 meters of thread—so lightweight fabrics (like silk) have a very low denier, while heavier fabrics have a higher denier. When it comes to backpacks, a higher denier is not necessarily better. In general, a higher denier will be more durable, (depending on the fabric & weave) but also heavier. While denier can tell you the weight and thickness of a material, the type of material, weave, and manufacturing involved will ultimately tell you more about the strength and durability.

So let’s jump into the review helps you choose the right product to buy: best travel backpack

Although not completely mandatory, here are some materials to look out for when selecting your pack:

The exterior pockets can be filled with things like a water bottle, snacks, sunblock products and a hand sanitizer plus wipes combo. In case the packing process still seems frustrating to you, make use of the packing cubes that have become a go-to of many experienced travelers.

TIMBUK2 Uptown Travel Backpack If passing through the airport security with the speed of light is your priority, the TIMBUK2 Uptown travel backpack is just what you need. The design of this backpack is so TSA-friendly you won’t need to take your laptop out of the backpack when passing security. This means that you will have extra time to have a lunch break before embarking on a plane or a longer stroll through the duty-free shops. In addition, you get sufficient space in the main compartment for storing your laptop and other electronic devices and even more room for stuffing the front zip pocket with smaller items. The backpack is constructed from the durable Nylon and has a ventilated back panel for your ultimate comfort when traveling.

Before purchasing the best travel backpack that you are planning on taking on a plane with you, you should carefully consider what is the maximum size you are allowed to carry. This widely varies from one airline to another, but the general rule states that a backpack with the following dimensions will likely meet most requirements: 22 inches (H) x 14 inches (W) x 9 inches (D).


Some backpacks are only available with a “one size fits all” harness system, but there is an ever-increasing number of women’s focused fit and men’s focused fit travel backpacks on the market. For example, the Thule Landmark 40L, REI Ruckpack 40, and Eagle Creek Wayfinder 40L are all available in two different fits. The differences are subtle, but have a big impact on how comfortable the harness system is on your frame. Compared to a men’s focused fit, a women’s focused fit backpack will typically feature:

Wow, they really thought of everything. Plenty of pockets, dedicated areas for a laptop and a tablet and locking YKK zippers for the main and laptop compartments.

Hey Marek, loved your website. I have a question, have you ever tried the Deuter Transit 40. In my country there is not this backpacks, so i read some reviews telling that the Transit 40 is better than the Osprey Farpoint. Tks in advance.

Be sure that your travel backpack does not exceed the maximum size specified by your airline provider. Always check with the airline you’re traveling with before you buy your travel backpack. You also want to find out if the airline has any weight specifications as well. When you travel with a carry on, you want to make sure you comply with the TSA and airline rules so that you’re able to board you flight in a timely manner. Backpacks for travel are ideal because they can fit many items comfortably, while also being convenient because you can wear them onto the plane, and off not having to worry about baggage fees, or baggage claim. Travel with confidence with a new travel backpack that’s just as good as SWISSGEAR luggage.


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