Pros and Cons of RV Travel in a Mobile Motor Home

Exploring the many sites and wonders of a country is a sight to behold. And while we have plenty of access to planes, buses, trains, and cars, they all come with the same drawbacks – too little space and privacy.

And if that isn’t enough, you don’t always get to enjoy the view as you traverse the many roads along the way to your next destination, which is no fun either. That’s where traveling by RV can help you break away from a long and boring traveling experience.

But is traveling by RV the best way ever or are there some downsides to traveling in an RV?


Sure, nothing is ever perfect, but RV do have their plus sides that offer you an enjoyable adventure. And with that in mind, let’s take a moment to consider the pros and cons that can arise from traveling the many scenic routes by RV.


Is Traveling by RV Fun?


A common fear is that the moment you step inside and travel in one of these giant homes on wheels, that it won’t be all that fun. After all, why travel away from home if you’re just going to bring all that is home with you like a human turtle. The truth of the matter is, traveling by RV is a lot cooler than it seems.

You can travel in an RV and see all the historical sites, campsites, and everything in between with ease. RVs can make exploring the great outdoors less stressful since you won’t need to pack the car full of camping gear. And the best part of all is, you won’t need to worry too much about rain, snow or heat since the RV is built to withstand the elements.


Add in some musical instruments, some digital entertainment, a few card games, and a group of your favorite people and you’re all set to enjoy the road in an RV. And while easy travel sounds like the best advantage ever, it’s not the only one you can enjoy while traveling in an RV.


The Advantages of Traveling Around in an RV


Whether you decide to go for the massive Class A motor home or toe the humble camper along, an RV trip has many advantages.


Some of those pros are:


  • You become a part of a giant community
    Many RV parks offer many opportunities to mingle and make friends. So, if inside feels too claustrophobic, you can always check out the many social events, entertainment, and game nights they offer.
  • No need for hotels and motels
    It probably goes without saying, but RVs make finding a place to sleep easy and cheaper than renting a room for the night. And you don’t have to worry about early check out either.
  • You can take your pets with you almost everywhere
    Pets like to travel too and it is nice to take your furry companion wherever you go. Many campsites and RV parks allow pets, but you’ll need to check ahead just to be sure. Some places may not allow pets or have breed or size limitations.
  • A nice home away from home
    RVs come in a variety of styles and many of the amenities of a home. And while not all RVs will have bathrooms or a kitchenette, they will have space to sleep and hide away from bad weather.
  • Flexibility in destinations and activities
    You can go just about anywhere throughout the year in an RV. And with most national parks and local RV parks popping up everywhere, your choices are endless.


  • Ample time to explore the great outdoors and local sites
    Since you won’t need to pitch a tent or find a safe place to put your things, RV provides all the necessities so that you can enjoy your vacation into the wilderness with more enthusiasm.


  • It’s an asset
    RVs are like cars, motorbikes, and homes, they too are an asset. And while they do devalue over time, you can always find buyers to sell your RV to when you no longer want to travel anymore.


With all of these advantages in mind, let’s check out the downsides of the RV life.


Downsides to Traveling by RV


Traveling by RV is great and all, but nothing is without its faults. So how bad could the RV life be if so many already do it? The fact that so many people do it, might be one very good reason why RVing isn’t as great as it sounds. After all, who likes having to share their fun vacation spot with a bunch of loud, rowdy, RV neighbors?


Unfortunately, the shouts, cries, and occasional four-wheeler noises, aren’t the only downside to camping out and exploring the roads in an RV.


The other downsides of RV travel include:


  • Potentially expensive
    While RVs can save you money in some areas, they can cost you in others. Motorhomes of at least 26,000 lbs require special licensing to drive. You’ll need to factor in license plates, insurance, RV park fees, food budgets, fuel budgets, and other necessities as well.
  • Gas and oil expenses
    While not all RVs use gas or diesel, the RV motorhome types do. And while gas may not be expensive for short trips to the local lake or beach, the fuel expenses add up for cross country adventures. Oil changes are another factor to consider since motorhomes are vehicles too.


  • RV repairs and other maintenance
    If you thought oil and gas were the only RV expense, then you’ll want to consider all the upkeep as well. RVs can come with many complications ranging from broken pipes, radiators, electrical malfunctions, leaks, and more.

You’ll also want to plan when it comes to water reserves and gas. Water tanks aren’t overly large which is why electric and water hookups at campsites are often sought after.

  • Dealing with your sewage

Speaking of water tanks, you’ll be dealing with a lot of black and gray water. Black water is your toilet wastewater. Gray water is all the water you use in the sink, shower, for cooking, and other water-related activities that aren’t connected to the toilet. Always check to make sure your black and gray water hookups are attached properly and to the right outlets.

Final Thoughts


While nothing is without its flaws, traveling by RV can be a spectacular way to go about vacationing and seeing the world. And while gas costs could be a real downer for some, traveling by RV can make up for those costs in other ways. We hope this quick pros and cons guide helps you consider whether the RV life is the right fit for you and your family.


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