Mauritius Holidays

Mauritius is located in the Indian Ocean between Reunion in the west and Rodrigues Island in the east.


The island is known for its paradisiac beaches of fine sand. It must be said that they are protected by a barrier coral reef that is virtually around the island. It is an ideal destination for sea lovers, especially as the temperature of the sea oscillates between 22 ° C and 27 ° C according to the season! In addition, in terms of accommodation, you will have the choice between several  hotels, guest houses and villas for rent in Mauritius.


Before you leave, it is always good to learn about the country in which you are going even if you do not remember all the numbers. We will keep in mind the practical information that may be useful on site (how to call, time difference, etc.).


Here is some information that will be useful to get to know Mauritius before your departure.



Mauritius – An overview

All the info below have been obtained through Wikipedia.


Area: 2,040 km2 including Rodrigues Island and small islands around Mauritius.

Location: Latitude 20 ° South, Longitude 57.5 ° East

Capital: Port Louis, located northwest of the island.

Government: Democratic state based on the Westminster model. The President is the Head of State but it is the Prime Minister and his cabinet who hold the constitutional powers.

Official language: English

Usual languages: French, Creole, Indian languages ​​(Hindi, Bhojpuri)

Religion: Hinduism (majority), Catholicism, Islam and Buddhism.

Currency: Mauritian rupee (MRU).


The Mauritian population

Number of inhabitants: 1.3 million inhabitants including Rodrigues Island

Density of the population: 697 inhabitants / km2.

Literacy rate: 90%.

Birth rate: 13%.

Mortality rate: 7%.

Life expectancy: 78 years for women and 71 years for men.


The Mauritian economy

GDP: $ 12 billion (2013).

Growth rate: + 3.2% (2013).

Unemployment rate: 7.8% (2015).

Agricultural productions: sugar cane, tea, lychees, pineapples, bananas, legumes, anthuriums, cattle.

Main industries: tourism, sugar, textile, services.

Calling to Mauritius

There are no regional codes in Mauritius (as in France 01, 02, 03, etc.)

Telephone code: 230

To call from France to Mauritius: dial 00 + country code 230 + 7 digit local number (example: 00 230 123 4567)

To make a call from Mauritius to France: dial 020 + country code 33 + area code in the zero + local number (example: 020 33 1 23 45 67 89)

Time difference

The time difference compared to metropolitan France is + 3h in winter and + 2h in summer.

Mauritius is in the time zone GMT + 4 hours, MET + 3 hours.

The time difference is therefore not important which allows to be in shape from the arrival and return also. The flights are often done at night, which makes it possible to not feel the jet lag.

Entry formality

To enter Mauritius, you need a valid passport after the date of return to France and a return ticket. On arrival, you must give the address of the place where you have planned to stay during your stay.

You can stay in Mauritius 3 months maximum with a simple passport. If you want to stay longer, you will need to apply for Visa.

The climate

That of the tropical regions of the southern hemisphere, with seasons reversed compared to Europe:

The austral summer, humid and hot (from November to April: 22 ° C at night, 30 ° C and more during the day, heavy precipitation in the form of short showers, humidity rate of 80%).

Winter, less hot and less humid (from June to September: 17 ° C at night, 24 ° C during the day), sweet and mild inter-season in October, November and May.

Cyclonic period from December to April but not very likely to be hit directly. Heat always bearable thanks to the trade winds.


Several key annual tourist seasons in terms of price:

Very high season from December 20 to January 10 approximately.

High season from October to December and from January to April.

Mid season in August and September.

Low season in June and July.

Hope this helped you get a better overview of the Mauritius before your holidays. If you’re looking for a hassle-free way of visiting the island, consider getting in touch with Smartvillas They are known to be among the top villa rental agencies in Mauritius and provide a wide range of additional services that will make your stay a unique one.

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