Check Out Ayers Rock Resort in NT

There are many of you who love to travel to far off places for a holiday with your friends or family members. In fact, it is a good thing to go out on a vacation for the sake of your own health. There are several places in the world where you can travel and have a lovely time. Some prefer the mountains, some like the seas and the oceans, and some simply love the idea of getting far away from the hustle and bustle of city life for a few days. Whatever be the cause, one of the best locations for you to visit would be Australia.

Ayers Rock

If you have planned your next holiday in Australia, make sure to visit Ayers Rock or Uluru. It happens to be a massive sandstone monolith located in the heart of the Red Center of the Northern Territory. Alice Springs is the largest town closest to the spot which is around 450 km away. Uluru was said to have commenced formations almost 550 million years ago and is located within Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park.

Ayers Rock Resort

Ayers Rock is one of those destinations in Australia that boasts of hundreds of tourists visiting the place every year. It has several resorts for the guests, all of which are beautifully designed and maintained. They also take great care of their guests who visit from different parts of the globe. One of the best resorts to visit at Ayers Rock is Longitude 131 degrees. The resort is situated in such a place that it easily allows the guest to enjoy the overlooking view of Uluru.

Longitude 131 Degrees consists of 16 elegantly designed tented pavilions that made to provide a profound sense of place and luxurious sanctuary to all its guests. From the bed you can view the breath-taking views of the place and the changing lights of the skyline. There all types of furniture inside the tents that help you enjoy your stay. You may enjoy the sights of the outback through the windows that stretch from the floors to the ceiling or sleep under a blanket of stars.

The accommodations are categorized as Luxury Tents and Dune Pavilion. Both are exquisitely designed and filled with amenities that help you enjoy your stay at Longitude 131 Degrees. The tents are 63 square meter in total area and the pavilions are 153 square meter in total area. Both types of accommodations provide lovely views of the entire area that will surely mesmerize you.

Rates has several packages for its guests that are based on a single and twin share basis. There are 2-nights and 3-nights packages that is enough for you to enjoy Uluru and also enjoy the pampering from the hotel staff. You can easily do some adventuring, enjoy some time with your near and dear ones, get energized at the hotel spa and get some personal time for yourself during your stay at the Ayers Rock Resort in NT.

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