Citypass Toronto

What is Citypass Toronto? How to Buy It?

Citypass Toronto | What is Citypass Toronto

Experience Toronto’s must-see tourist attractions and enjoy considerable savings  on this exciting Toronto CityPASS tour. Visit the CN Tower, Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada, Casa Loma, Royal Ontario Museum, and Toronto Zoo or the Ontario Science Centre.

This Toronto CityPASS is valid for nine consecutive days from the first date of use. Voucher must be presented in exchange for CityPASS ticket booklets, within 6 months of purchase date.

Citypass Toronto
Citypass Toronto
  • Free admission to Toronto’s premier attractions
  • CN Tower, Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada, Ontario Science Center, Casa Loma, Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto Zoo
  • Ticket booklet packed with useful information
  • Excellent value for money

Toronto Citypass Costco

Toronto CityPASS is a key that opens the door of top five Toronto attractions at incredibly discounted rate, allowing you to save almost 45% off combined admission prices. Essentially, it’s a pocket-sized booklet that contains prepaid admission tickets to some of the must-see Toronto attractions.

With the convenient and cost-effective Toronto CityPASS, you can skip long ticket lines at Toronto’s crowd-pullers and spend more time on the attractions. From where to buy Toronto CityPASS? Is it worth the money to buy Toronto City PASS? How does it work?

Toronto Citypass Costco 2019

CityPASS tickets give you admission to the best attractions and theme parks in a city for up to 50% off the combined cost and save you time by allowing you to skip many ticket lines.

Most CityPASS tickets are valid 9 days beginning with the day of first use in most cities. CityPASS tickets are valid 7 days in Denver. The validity period of Orlando CityPASS tickets and Southern California CityPASS tickets varies based on the tickets purchased.

Where To Buy Toronto Citypass

We’re interested in buying the City Pass for our trip in a few weeks, and happy to buy online if it saves us some cash. Searching for Toronto City Pass brought up the official site, but also a costco site which seems to save us £20 on 2 tickets. Is this a legitimate way to purchase them?

How does a CityPASS booklet work?

CityPASS booklets include actual admission tickets to each attraction and include detailed attraction information. Present your booklet at each attraction. See each ticket front for entry instructions. Admission tickets are good for one-time admission only. Do not pull a ticket from the booklet or it will be invalid. Tickets removed by attraction staff only.

Toronto Citypass Discount

Costco has a number of city passes and attraction passes on for discounted amounts, so if you are planning to go somewhere this summer in a large city in North America, check them out before you go. It just might save you big bucks. You’ll save money on the regular price you’d pay at the door for that attraction and you’ll get to see five of the biggest and best Toronto attractions – Casa Loma, CN Tower, Toronto Zoo.

The CityPass itself is a great deal, but Costco makes it an even better deal. Get it from Costco for only $58.99 for adults, as compared to $62.12 U.S. from the CityPass site. Costco also sells these passes for other major cities like New York, Chicago and San Francisco. If relaxation is more your thing, Costco sells Bed and Breakfast gift cards for only $74.99 for a $100 card. This means you’ll save over $25 on your bed and breakfast reservation with this deal.

Toronto Citypass Attractions

Toronto Citypass Attractions
Toronto Citypass Attractions

With 45% savings off combined ticket prices, the CityPASS Toronto offers admission to following five premier attractions of Toronto.

  • CN Tower is arguably the country’s most celebrated architecture that offers spectacular view of Toronto on a clear day. The 2.5 inch thick Glass Floor provides nerve-wracking experience with street view from 1,122 feet up.
  • Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) boasts of famous ancient collections in the arts, sciences, world culture and natural history. With newly designed fabulous Crystal and more than 6 million objects in its collection, ROM is a must-see Toronto museum for everyone. Explore the breathtaking artifacts and browse astonishing photos of world-famous Royal Ontario Museum collections.
  • Casa Loma is a European style fascinating castle complete with ornate suites, soaring ceilings and secret passages in marble, wood and stone. Surrounding this unique piece of architecture are five acres of magnificent estate gardens.
  • Ontario Science Center (OSC) offers exciting experiences in science and technology with over 800 interactive exhibits. Another draw is IMAX Dome theatre famous for its breathtaking effects. Kids must simply be allowed to see it for its educational contents.
  • Toronto Zoo is one of the world’s most famous zoos with over 5,000 animals housed in 700 acres of parkland. There are also play areas, amazing rides and other attractions besides the animals in the zoo.

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