Must visit Matheran tourist attractions

The hills of Matheran hold the dreams of lush mountains, clear lakes and a serene view of nature. A number of lookouts, hill stations, and many more points of interest make Matheran a good getaway spot for couples, families as well as youth. At the height of 800 metres, there are two ways to reach here. Walking up to it from Dasturi Naka, or board the narrow gauge 1907 Neral-Matheran toy train.

With more than 30 lookout points and other places to visit, some of the best are listed below. Make sure to plan the adventure, choose your means of travel, and book hotels online to save time and money. Make the most out of your trip to this divine pilgrimage of nature.

Charlotte Lake

A beautiful lake with peace and tranquillity, Charlotte Lake is one of the most popular destinations. Located just 2 Km from Matheran Railway Station. It is also the primary source of water for the town of Matheran. Construction was completed in 1956 and is most popular during monsoon season. On the left bank, there is an old Shiva temple called the Pisharnath Mahadev Temple. Bird watching is a popular interest of tourists visiting. The Charlotte lake also serves as a connecting link to two lookout points – Echo Point and Louisa Point.

Louisa Point

Located near Charlotte lake, The Louisa Point is a famous lookout point in Matheran. The scenic location has a sky view, with sights of Prabal and Vishalgad forts. During monsoon, various waterfalls come to life around this location, a sure sight to behold. Louisa point can be reached by walking and/or trekking.

One Tree Hill Point

As the title suggests, the one tree hill point in Matheran has a single Jambhul tree, located atop a hill. The local belief is that during British times, the Collector of Thane, Lord Hugh Poyntz Malet discovered this place. He then proceeded to name this place ‘one tree hill point’. The surrounding vistas have camping locations like tent hill and chowk village. A serene view of the valleys of Matheran earns this spot a special place in tourists’ hearts. The descent, Shivaji Maharaj’s ladder is for the hiking and climbing enthusiasts, giving a challenge to their skills.

Echo point

Another famous attraction of Matheran, the Echo Point is full of lush scenery. Magnificent views of Western Ghats, peer through thin cloud formations. During the monsoon season, the place is surrounded by waterfalls. Activities like rope climbing and zip climbing are available here. Echo point also has stalls and shops serving snacks and packed foods. Furthermore, the Echo point is incredibly clean, with the cooperation of locals and tourists alike.

Porcupine point

A fancy sunset is the best thing to see after a long day of travelling. The porcupine point offers a relaxing sunset view into the mountains. The pathways are small, with enough access via foot, or horses. A few minutes walk from the marketplace, the place is famous for its open-air views. Also known as sunset point, an abundance of fresh air fills your lungs. This is in part to a ban on vehicles or any polluting sources. A must-visit for any travellers visiting Matheran.

Panorama Point

Situated about 7 km from the marketplace, the Panorama point is a much-secluded hill from other locations. A good 40-50 mins by horseback takes you here. With rocks and boulders lying in the path, it’s a bit hard to navigate. But the pathway is something out of a Hollywood movie. Lush forest and the silent trails give a surreal feel to the journey. Panorama Point rewards you with a 360° view of the entire hill station. You can also spot the sunset point from here. If you have the time, it is very much recommended to visit this place. Lie down and see the harmony of nature in its most pristine.

Lords Point

A 5 minutes walk from Charlotte Lake, the Lords point offers a scenic venture. It departs from the general theme and focuses on waterfalls and valley views. Bird watching is also a popular activity here. A few stalls for some snacks and refreshments are there. The place is very sparse, with silence resounding from the peaks of nearby hills. As the name suggests, Lord’s point does make you feel like the lord of that point. A definite suggestion for a quieter, solo experience.

While in Matheran, there is much more to explore, apart from the ones mentioned here. On your trip, don’t forget to bring a camera and make some memories that will last a lifetime.

Take these tips into consideration as you plan your trip, and have a great time. The hills of Matheran, await your visit.

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